Graduation 2022 is Coming!

By Maddy Majewski, Abigail Turner, Abbi Pflum & Kaylee Homerding

Graduation is quickly approaching for the students of UW-Green Bay. There are many events that the university is offering. One of those events is a graduation photo booth that the Union Marketing team is putting on. This is an opportunity for graduates to get a professional photo taken to use in any professional career they may apply for.

Photo of UTIC advertising ‘Grad Photo Sessions’ – Taken by Maddy Majewski

There was one student on the marketing team that helped put on the event. Evan Crone, the Multimedia Specialist at the Union, is behind the camera. “I have been doing photography all my life. It is pretty fitting,” Crone remarked. He shared that the reasoning behind the event was that “graduating students needed some photos. They have not done this type of event in the past. So, I am taking advantage of my job, so the graduates have some good photos to look back on.” Crone shared the most challenging part of the event was getting the word out to students. “It is a big process with social media. We make graphics and send them out on our social media page. Then, I am the guy who executes it,” Crone said.

Frankie Rabas, the Marketing and Graphic Design Specialist at the University Union, commented, “Evan has been working on our team since January. He is a very talented photographer, and we really wanted to hone in on his skills and showcase all he can do. We know graduates are looking for complimentary photos.” Rabas shared not many students got their photos taken. “Since this is our first year doing this event, this is our test run. But we would love to offer this every year. Our biggest wish is for our marketing team to be successful. We want digital and print marketing to be successful and to reach those students who would like to participate,” Rabas added.

Photos of Evan Crone – Multimedia Specialist at the Union. Taken by Maddy Majewski

Graduation brings mixed emotions for the graduates. Senior Azi Onama states, “It is exciting to be graduating because I have been looking forward to this for the past 7 years. This race has been long, and I am truly excited to partake in graduation. However, it is bittersweet because of the experience I am going to miss because of the friends I have made. There is anxious behavior because the future is uncertain, but I am trying to be present.” Although closing a long chapter in life, there is something to be said about the experiences that students have at UW-Green Bay for Onama. “I think I’ll miss the sense of comradery the most. There is something really comforting about being surrounded by your peers and going through the thick of it together. College is a unique experience where you are allowed to explore new things without having to fear failure. I think that’s hard to find in other communities,” says Olivia Heilman, a senior at UW-Green Bay.

Although graduating from college is a bittersweet experience for some, many students of UW-Green Bay are confident that they will be ready for whatever the world will throw at them, whether that be in their personal life or professional.

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