Graduation at Home

Turn up “Pomp and Circumstance,” grab a drink, and put your party hat on! It’s time to celebrate your graduation!  Here are some FUN ideas for your party May 16:

Impromptu Speeches with Friends
You may not have been preparing to speak at graduation, but here’s your chance to video call all your friends and be a commencement speaker. Talk about your favorite memory with friends. Maybe it’s that one story that makes you laugh so hard you cry. Take turns telling your best college stories and make everyone laugh. God knows we need THAT! Reflecting on the past is a great way to spend your weekend thinking about your future.

Toss Your Diploma #DontRushChallenge
Have you seen #dontrushchallenge videos on TikTok or Instagram? People “pass” a makeup brush to their friends and show a before and after makeup look. Switch things up a little with a graduation edition. First, you will need to roll up a piece of white paper and tie it with ribbon or string so it looks like a diploma. Next, show off your before college look and put your diploma up to the camera before revealing your dream job outfit. Finally, pass your diploma to your friend. Put all your videos together for a fun video to look back at over the years. Check out this post for a look at the original challenge.

Ramen Cook-Off
Ramen Noodles are a college staple, but it’s time to spice things up! Have a little competition in the kitchen with your family: see who can make the best Ramen. Ditch the packet of seasoning and add your own twist if you’re looking to win. Turn your favorite budget-friendly dinner into a five-star dish, a perfect way to transition from student- to- professional.

Toss Your Party Hat
Grab any cap you have, head outside, and give it a powerful toss at 11:30 am (you’ll be at your graduation ceremony at this time on August 22). If you’d like to get fancy, you could get crafty and decorate your cap. Your isolation family may just bring the pots and pans to make some noise to celebrate your accomplishments. Don’t be shy! You deserve a party.

You will remember this day forever, so make it special! Congratulations!

Story authored by Lorrigan Puls 72.0 | 6.4

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