Green Bay vintage market adds a unique touch to the city

By Matt Seger, Byron GarciaOrtiz, Janie Hodney & Olivia Ryan


The Green Bay Vintage Market (GBVM) happened on Saturday, March 5th, 10 am-5 pm, within the Barrel Haus at Badger State Brewing.

Green Bay hosts farmers’ markets and thrift stores and supports local businesses. GBVM features 40 vendors selling home goods, vintage clothing, and beers. All were welcome to join at the Barrel Haus at Badger State Brewing.

Vendors interact with the various customers and show the wide array of clothing and accessories offered at the Vintage Market. Photo by Byron Garcia

Ava Winstin, the Vintage Market founder, had the vision to add something unique to the market mix. Ava Winstin had a dream in the Summer of 2021 of “Adding to the local vintage community and creating an accessible opportunity for sustainable shopping.” She is a photographer, thrift-enthusiast, plant-lover, and the owner of Vintage + Sustainable Co. Ava explained, “I started GBVM last July (2021). Previously that year, I had started a vintage clothing business and had started doing pop-up markets, but the closest one was Oshkosh. So, I decided to bring the vintage pop-up scene to Green Bay! Our first market was hosted at The Premier, downtown Green Bay on July 17th, 2021.”

Erick Brundidge (Instagram: @Life_Love_incorporated), CEO of “Life Love Incorporated,” promoted his business through the merchandise that includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and his well-designed backdrop

The vendors shared insights on the Vintage Market and its meaning to Green Bay. Vendors from all over the state attend the vintage market to promote their brands and clothing. They sell their products and interact with others, share their passion, and promote sold goods on their social media platforms. “This is my second go-around […] Honestly, it’s just utmost respect. I enjoy the people. It’s always love, so yeah, man, I’m a big fan of it,” said Erick Brundidge of Life, Love, Incorporated. Vendors also branch out to one another to network and share information about other similar events around the state.

Kenzie Lipe (@Kenzie.Lipe) sells handmade jewelry, casings, and even Neon Lights.

As for the customers who attended GBVM, there were many things to browse upon, from jerseys neon lights to homemade candles made from old beer cans. Venders accepted many different payment methods such as Venmo, PayPal, cash, and some even carried Squares allowing people to pay with cards.

The Vintage Market is a reoccurring event for Green Bay that appeals to all ages. Located at the Barrel Haus, you can get a drink, socialize, and wander through the aisles of artistic products and vintage clothing.

Click the link below for more information on the vintage market.

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