H4H: Building Dreams for 25 Years

The smell of fresh wood and buzz of the circular saw fill the air. Many volunteers work side- by-side to make the dream of home ownership come true for families across the United States. An international non-profit, Habitat for Humanity (H4H) organizes groups of individuals to make that dream happen. At the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) the H4H chapter is celebrating 25 years.

In 1995, UWGB was granted campus chapter status. Since then, the H4H Student Org has taken 31 trips throughout the U.S., to build houses and assist those in need of homes. Most recent trips have been to Maui Hawaii and Loveland Colorado. This past January, H4H visited New Mexico to build, organize, and restore buildings for local families. GB’s H4H has also taken two international trips to help people in South Africa and the Philippines build their homes.

SO Many Laughs
Former Dean and H4H Advisor Mike Stearney said, “I have so many memories of my Habitat trips with UWGB students. So much fun, so many laughs, and such amazing students. We did some great work.”

The 2014 trip to the Philippines was life-changing, he said.  “UWGB was the only college affiliate in America that raised its hand and volunteered! We fundraised like crazy — raised more than $20,000! We forged deep friendships with each other, with our new friends from Japan, and with the local community.”

Current Projects
H4H is preparing for another Collegiate Challenge build in Florida over Spring Break. This is partly funded by fundraisers H4H coordinates, UWGB, and members own contribution to the cause. Collegiate Challenge Build Trips consist of working at one or multiple build sites for a full week. Volunteers typically work from 8AM-to-3PM every day. Habitat affiliates across the country work with local churches and rec centers to house volunteers and provide meals.


Hawaiian Dream Home built by (from left) Rebekah Noll, Montana Fallin. Shelby Smith, Sydney Vandenbusch, Nicole Platkowski, Mary Stewart, Hannah Malmberg, Alison Bahena,Libby Courchaine and Quinne Herolt.

Get Involved
No building skills are required to work with H4H. People who work and volunteer for the organization teach and instruct students on how to safely use power tools, lay flooring, and any other task required to build a home. To get involved, email Shelby Smith at sohabitat@uwgb.edu

Written By: Shelby Smith, Matthew Knoke, & Megan Roshak

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