Haunting of the Union

By Jeffrey Anderson, Caitlyn Belson & Sabrina Vang


The Halloween season is in full swing, so it’s only natural that the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay would get involved in the festivities.

The University Union would make sure to do their part, hosting a Haunted Union. Thursday, October 28, students could explore the spooky setup the Union now sported. This included five rooms to give attendees some scares. These five rooms had a unique setup, with themes of dolls, The Saw, clowns, a zombie graveyard, and a crime scene. After entering each room, Union workers dressed in costumes representing their rooms would do their best to scare students, along with letting them grab some candy before venturing to the next part of the Union.

Pangkou Yang, an attendee, said, “I really enjoyed the rooms! It’s not as scary as Terror on the Fox, but the Union workers did a good job at spooking people out. I personally wasn’t scared, but I thought the rooms were creatively orchestrated.” Yang added, “My favorite room has got to be the zombie graveyard. The Union workers in this room did a great job coming up to the attendees and giving them a scare. I personally thought the zombies’ acting was really cute as well.”

Actors and the setup of the Zombie Graveyard room

Stephanie Kaponya, the Program Coordinator for the University Union, was surprised at the turnout of the event. Kaponya said, “I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout and incredibly happy. I was surprised with the event being 3 hours that such a large crowd came right at 7:00 P.M. It was a fun event that the actors were a big part of bringing the room alive. The actors were able to make it believable and made it more enjoyable for the guests who attended the event.”

With the incredible turnout of this year’s Haunted Union, Kaponya hopes this event will carry onto next year’s list of events. “There will be a change in the future for this event,” Stephanie adds, “It really depends on students’ interests. This event was put together completely by students, and those students are graduating this spring. If we get other students interested in handling this event, we will for sure do something like it again.”

Students frequently commented on the clown room giving the most scares

The Union will continue hosting events for students throughout the semester. Their next major event for students is November 19, when they will continue their UWGB Nites series. This will involve potential nerf gun battles and more for those attending.

For more information on this event and more the Union is hosting, you can visit https://calendar.uwgb.edu/MasterCalendar.aspx.

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