Help YOURSELF this Weekend – and Next!

DSC_0989.JPGWhether on campus or out in the city, students have a variety of ways to give back to the community. Not only do community service activities leave volunteers with the satisfaction of helping better the community, they also fulfill service hours for a variety of student organizations. Here are two fun opportunities for you in April:

The first is brought to you by Residence Life. Volunteer Day will be held tomorrow, APRIL 14. There are two sessions for students to participate:  10am-to-Noon and/or 1-to-3PM. Students can volunteer at:  Children’s Museum, Golden House, Habitat for Humanity, Wildlife Sanctuary and/or Bornemans’s Nursing Home.

After both sessions, there will be free food as a thank you. Volunteer Day is open to all, so sign up with friends and family.  Sign up here.

ON APRIL 21, The City of Green Bay is hosting its annual Spring Clean Up Day. Organized by Downtown Green Bay Inc., and Olde Main Street Inc., this is a great way for residents and students to give back by participating in a city-wide clean up. Volunteers will be picking up garbage, sweeping sidewalks and beautifying downtown. The Spring Clean Up will take place April 21 10AM-Noon starting at Whitney Park. Volunteers should contact:

Just an hour or two out of your day to give back to your community is not only extremely beneficial to the community, but it can be FUN, too! Give back this month – one last time before you graduate 🙂

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