High Hopes for Hoopster

For many student athletes, graduation means the end of playing the sport they love. UWGB Basketballer Cody Schwartz though, might not wrap up his basketball career quite yet.

Even though his last year on the court at UWGB – after losing in the conference tournament semifinal to Northern Kentucky – did not go as planned, Cody is proud of the brotherhood he and his teammates formed over his seasons at UWGB.

Europe? NBA, Maybe?
Sports Agents have shown interest in Cody to play for professional leagues in Europe! The NBA is a possibility if the agent can get Cody a workout. If the NBA doesn’t sign or draft him, he will focus on the European leagues. “If I don’t get signed or drafted by a summer league team, I’m wasting my time focusing on the NBA.” Cody has a better chance being signed right away by a team in Europe because there could be more open spots. He will sign with an agency after he graduates so they can find him a team.

Joining a professional team in Europe will extend his basketball career, but even that will eventually end. “I’m not sure how long basketball will last professionally,” he said. “It could be one, or two or 10 years, but I do need a backup plan.”

A Sports COMM Major
Cody doesn’t know exactly what he will do after basketball, but he wants to remain in the Sports COMM field. “I want to find something sports related because that is what I’m really passionate about, and love.” He will be graduate this Spring with a Communication degree; an emphasis in Sports Comm and PR.

Coach Mom’s Game Plan is ALL Heart

If Cody does something other than basketball after graduation, he would like to stay in the Green Bay area for the first couple of years so he can establish himself and get used to life after college. He credits his mom for helping him choose this path. “She has always been 100% supportive in whatever I’ve chosen to do in life.”

She’s just always told me follow your heart in life and even if you make mistakes, you’ll be happy later in life that you took the chance on something, rather than having a regret of not knowing.

NiCE, Mom!

Story authored by: Travis Boulanger


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