How Can UWGB’s Upward Bound Program Help the County’s Undergrad Degree Rate?

Green Bay is roughly 6 percent below the national average of undergraduate degrees generated in the most recent Census data. The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (UWGB) Bay is looking to increase enrollment to assist growth in the region.

In an interview with Press Times, Chancellor Michael Alexander said that being the third-largest university in Wisconsin to meet Green Bay being the third-largest metro area in the state is not the most important to him. Still, instead, the ability to grow is more important. “Otherwise, it means our region can’t grow together,” said Alexander.

The University as a whole is growing. UWGB has increased its enrollment with the freshman class in two consecutive years. The UW – Green Bay did waive the application fee for students until October 31.

UWGB’s strategies and tactics to grow seem to be paying off as the University saw the largest enrollment in its history. In just one academic year, UWGB saw a 9.7% increase in student growth.

They have been adding majors and programs seen as high demand, such as degrees in the STEM field. The introduction of The Richard J. Resch School of Engineering has become one of the most famous institutions. Resch himself made a generous donation of five million dollars in hopes of seeing regional growth. The increase of Grad students has also added to the development of the University.

According to Carl Semrow, UWGB Engineering student, “The Brown County STEM Building brought the needed space for the program’s needed technology. The professors are extremely excited about the new building. The new STEM building brings needed resources such as classrooms, office space, and engineering research capabilities.”

UWGB is hoping that they are taking steps in the right direction to be one of the leaders in the UW System.

“The Richard Resch School of Engineering is the fastest-growing program at UWGB and the UW System. The northeast workforce has a shortage of engineers,” said Carl Semrow.

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