How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Working from home can be a big adjustment, but here are 5 simple tips to keep you motivated – and productive – while doing your part to flatten the curve by staying put.

  1. Stick to a routine

Make sure you’re keeping up a routine while working from home to stay productive. Wake up by a certain time, have breakfast and schedule your breaks ahead of time.

  1. Schedule time away from work

Speaking of breaks, schedule time away from your computer to decompress and get in some sort of physical activity. Take a walk around the block, do some stretches or yoga. (Walking to the fridge every hour doesn’t count as physical activity.)

  1. Identify your workspace

Make one space of your home your space dedicated to work. Don’t work from your bed (even though it’s tempting and comfy). Having a space specifically for work helps differentiate work from home life.

  1. Eliminate distractions

Is your group chat constantly sending memes and distracting you from your work? Put your phone on do not disturb or put it in another room where you won’t be tempted to check social media. Maybe your dog is being way too cute and causing you to slack off on your work. Tell that cutie that you’ll pet them later and distance yourself to get your work done.

  1. Plan out your work ahead of time

Having a plan of what you need to get done is a great way to stay on task. Setting priority to things that need to get done first is a helpful tip when you have multiple things to get done – especially when everything needs to get done NOW!

Story by Ashley Perket

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