How to Stay Social at a Distance

Staying in touch with your favorite people can be difficult while keeping your distance, but have no fear! This post guides you through all the ways you can keep in COMMunication with your friends and family during these unusual circumstances.

Zoom Zoom

Apps like Zoom, Houseparty or FaceTime are great ways to video chat with your pals. It’s like they’re right there with you! Houseparty even lets you play games as a group like Heads Up, Trivia, and Quickdraw.

Social Media Sensation

Stay up to date with your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let your colleagues know how you’re doing now that you’re back at home. Research shows that staying connected via social media can help relieve stress and anxiety. You could even make a Tik Tok and become a social media super star!

Snail Mail

Has the art of letter writing become totally obsolete? I think not. It’s time to brush up on those skills! Don’t let those cursive writing lessons from elementary school go to waste. I’m sure your grandma would love a handwritten letter with updates on your life.

Netflix Party

Do you miss watching Netflix with your friends? Well you don’t have to miss it anymore! Netflix has a feature called “Netflix Party” where you can create an online chat room and watch the same Netflix content simultaneously.

Even though you can’t see your friends in person, keeping in contact with your favorite people via alternative methods can help spread the virtual love. Stay safe!

Story by Ashley Perket

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    I love writing notes; my mom loves getting them since she is confined in her apartment! My cursive is a little rough, though.

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