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Need a little help paying for books this semester or, just a little extra beer money? Looking for a job that can help you financially, and still respect the time you need to be a great student? Imperial Supplies can probably help.

Imperial Supplies, a National Distributor of Fleet Maintenance supplies, is looking for part-time employees. They love UWGB students.

A part-time job at Imperial is a good gig: It will give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to switching to full-time employment after graduation. A well-known/well-run company like Imperial looks better on your resume than, say, a Subway or McDonalds gig. And, if you’re good enough, maybe they’ll try to hire you after you graduate?

And, if a graduate-level degree is in your future, Imperial offers full-time employees tuition reimbursement.

Sara Oettinger, Talent Acquisition Manager at Imperial, offered three good reasons why you should consider Imperial Supplies for a part-time job:

COMMVoice: Why would I want to work for a midsize corporation like Imperial?Oettinger: Imperial’s size allows for a flat organizational structure that supports speed and agility unmatched by large corporations. As an Imperial team member, you can expect autonomy to make decisions, cross-functional work that provides exposure to different areas of the business, and regular interaction with executive leadership.

COMMVoice: What kind of roles are available for students like me?
Oettinger: Approximately half of the 350+ team members at our downtown Green Bay headquarters are customer facing roles including Account Executives, Account Advisors and Customer Service. A variety of positions are available in corporate support departments like Pricing, Product Management, Purchasing, Marketing, Services, eCommerce and Human Resources.

COMMVoice: What kind of advancement opportunities are there?
Oettinger: Imperial offers several formal and informal resources for individual development including a mentor program, developmental goal setting process, Lunch ‘n Learns plus, facilitator led and online training programs. The complexity of our sales process and inventory control programs makes broad internal knowledge priceless when considering progressive or lateral opportunities.

Visit Imperial Supplies career page to apply, or be sure to visit them at Career Day 10/3 from 9:30am-11:30am.

Jared Phillips

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Imperial is a successful, well-known company in Green Bay. Share this with a friend who’s looking for a good gig 🙂

  2. theCOMMvoice says:

    Imperial is a successful, well-known, Green Bay company. Share this with a friend who’s looking for a good gig 🙂

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