Introducing: ADULTING 101

When you’re drowning in stress over money– don’t worry! We’ve all been there, but here’s a way to learn to adult like a boss! The new, Adulting 101 is a FREE seminar held Monday, April 29 at the Christie Theatre in the University Union.

Adam Novotny, a Program Coordinator for Student Life, is here to help you solve the financial riddles life can give you. Novotny has merged an idea about life hacks for adults and created a seminar about finances. This seminar provides information that students will use to navigate how to sign a lease and includes financial tips and tricks.

Novotny says he will bring in specialists like UWGB Credit Union Branch Manager Wayne Resch, to give students some tips on dealing with future financial situations. UWGB’s Adulting 101 will re-orientate your thinking process for the future by providing expert, inside information that will prepare students for life after college.

Novotny’s goal is “For students to realize… that this is relevant information. To take that time, so they are more prepared for the future. Because taking an hour on a Monday night… may save the countless hours in the future; as they try to navigate some of these things.”

Novotny plans to create a series out of Adulting 101. Listening to students and what they want to learn is the foundation for the series which is what Student Life is all about. Some topics being considered for the series are how to make friends, how to do taxes, and prepare for life after school. Keep an eye out for Adulting 101 series next semester.

Don’t miss your chance for an exciting twist on learning to adult!

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