IS Major, you?

If you clicked on this article you might be clickbait. Don’t worry, unlike real clickbait you don’t have a virus; you are not being pressured to donate money to the deposed Prince of Nigeria; you’re not being forced to watch a thirty-second advertisement.

If you’ve ever experienced this in real life it’s frustrating. Clickbait is a growing problem, and it is popping up everywhere in emails, on Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. This is a major issue, and there appears to be no end in sight.

1522 Students thinking about an IS Major?
There is, however, great news! Information Science is a growing field that is in need of talented, new recruits. According to Nou Moua, IS Business Specialist at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, “UWGB has a student body of 5,674 students of which, 1,522 are undeclared.”  If you’ve not declared your major yet, you might want to think about Information Science.  (If you’re already decided on being a Comm Major, IS could be a good Minor; Information Sciences needs great communicators.)

Within the major there are three areas of emphasis: Data Science, Game Studies and Information Technology. All three will provide you the knowledge and skills to make you marketable for a career in Information Science. Are you up for the challenge? Could you be the geek who rids the cyber universe of clickbait and other cyber evil?

If you think you have what it takes to join this elite community of cyber gurus, the information needed to declare Information Science as your major or minor is provided HERE.

Team AreKansas includes Jon Clancy, Jared Phillips, Can Ozbalkan and Cody Schwartz.


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  1. thecommvoice says:

    IS needs COMM (and Vice Versa).

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