Jesse McCartney Rises Like a Phoenix


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An eager hush fell upon the crowd. A piercing guitar solo broke the silence as it ripped through the air, preparing fans for what was to come.

As Jesse McCartney stepped foot on stage, the crowd began to roar. They were taken back to 2004 with his fan favorite, ‘She’s No You’. It’s been 10 years since McCartney has been in Green Bay for a show, and four years since he put out any new music, but that didn’t keep Jesse from re-captivating his fans with an explosive performance at the Weidner Center Thursday night.

Jesse’s performance – and crowd’s enthusiasm – made it evident that the entertainer has maintained a truly loyal fan base. He believes this stems from the connection he has created with fans throughout his long career. From his old hits, like Beautiful Soul, to his new release Wasted, Jesse connects with fans!

NO ONE knows this: You’re the First
His only interview with Green Bay media was with four, long-time fans who are writers for The COMM Voice. He exclusively mentioned, “We’re going to shoot an official video though next week and that is going to happen in Los Angeles. We are hopefully going to put it out just before my tour, so maybe right after the holidays or January. You’re the first person I’ve told this to.”

Jesse recently released a lyric video for Wasted that features the lyrics of the song to the vintage footage backdrop of people dancing and drinking.

His new music video will now be WIDELY anticipated – and then, watched. Jesse’s fan base is unique; many started following him at a very early age and most have remained big fans. “I just kinda write what I know and I kind of try to put out there what I know. I think that accessibility is what has allowed me to maintain for so many years,” Jesse said of the longevity of his career and his relationship with fans.

He hopes to continue growing by working his way into the film world again, and continue creating new material to keep it fresh for himself. “As much as I love Beautiful Soul, it’s cool to be able to do new material and see how it goes over…I love doing the new stuff.”

a LOT of Taste Makers at UWGB?
Not only does Jesse enjoy performing new music to mix things up, he appreciates the feedback a crowd gives him. “A lot of times, I think a song is great and I perform it and the fans are just like, ‘Wah Wah Wahhh.’ And then I’m like, ‘OK, we are never doing that song again.’ So it’s a good way to gauge how your stuff is, too. It’s great feedback, particularly at colleges because there are a lot of Taste Makers here, they will let you know pretty quickly if they are into something or not.”

Jesse found early inspiration in many different artists over the years. “Elvis was [my] first album, and then I just sort of, kinda found my way after that.” Jesse inspires to collaborate with Halsey someday. “I love Halsey; I think she’s such a talented writer. Even just doing a collab – just one night on stage would be fun. Or, writing something together would be great. She’s my favorite female artist right now.”

Cold Beer + Hot Day = Makin Music
Although he has found great inspiration from other artists, sometimes all it takes for him to write a song is a couple cold beers on a hot day. On the day he wrote Wasted – with Brandyn Burnette – it was 100-degrees in LA. Jesse and Brandyn were in Brandyn’s apartment and the air conditioner broke down; it was unbearably hot.

They opened the windows and got a hardly-working fan running to try and cool it down. There were a few cold beers in the fridge that they grabbed in an attempt to cool off. He says, “We like, cooled down a little bit and we were feeling a little loose and we were like, ‘let’s write a song called Wasted.’ ”

The song poured out of them and only took two hours to write. The uncommonly short writing-time frame didn’t affect the popularity of the song: It’s a high-energy tune that gets people dancing whether it be at a show or in a bar.

Barn Owls in the Canyon
When he isn’t touring or writing new music, he loves spending time outdoors. “I live in a canyon in Los Angeles. It is not what you think of when you think of an urban surrounding… I’m like five minutes from Sunset Boulevard, but it’s like I’m outside; I have huge trees and barn owls.”

He also enjoys going for hikes with his girlfriend and their dog. Another passion is cooking. He’s always looking for “cool new ways to smoke a pork chop, or pork butt, or something.”

Jesse also has a passion for travel and exploring new places, but he rarely gets to explore when he’s working. All he gets to see on tour is the venue, a hotel room or whatever he can see out the windows of his tour bus. So travelling for pleasure is something he thoroughly enjoys, and his all-time, favorite destination is Italy because, “it’s so romantic. The people are so laid back and I’m pretty laid back myself.” One day, he could see himself moving there and making a home of it.

One of the prettiest I’ve played
In his travel to Green Bay, Jesse remembered to bring a winter jacket – something he mentioned he regretted forgetting during his last visit. He didn’t have a chance to explore the city during his short visit, but he marveled at the beauty of the Weidner Center saying it, “is one of the prettiest theatres I’ve played.” He did drop by The Cannery on Broadway; the farm-to-table concept of the restaurant is what stood out to him.

Next time he’s in Titletown, he would like to tour Lambeau Field. He is a massive football fan and knows that, “this is a ‘BIG’ football town.” Last time he was in town he recalls thinking that it was like Apocalypse Now – the town was so quiet during the game and the stores were empty.

Jesse is no average artist. He is authentic on-stage, and off. He’s left his mark on countless fans from a very early age. His performance did not disappoint.

Tripping through Time
It was as if his fans were brought back to their childhood – as their idol from a young age won them over – all over again. On stage, he was interactive, letting the crowd sing chunks of his popular lyrics, as well as pulling someone on stage to sing to. It was obvious he was having fun as he danced across stage throughout his performance.

Off-stage, he was as laid back as he said he was. When he walked in, the first thing he said was, “Did you guys have fun, did you guys watch the show?”

During the interview, it was as if we had forgotten he was a celebrity because of how easy he was to talk to. Jesse gives off a genuine vibe, showing he cares for his fans immensely. There is a reason why his fans have stuck with him for all these years, and why he has gained so many new ones. This is not only because they love his music, but because they love who he is as an individual.

To take a listen to some of his new stuff or indulge in the nostalgia of his old hits, head over to his Youtube channel. You can also keep up to date with new music, tour dates and all things Jesse McCartney on his website:

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