Kolbert to Crack Up Campus TOMORROW

ALIkolbert.pngEVER wished you were in the live studio audience of Saturday Night Live? Tomorrow night, you can laugh in person with one of SNL’s funny, funny stars.

Ali Kolbert is coming to campus to show off her comedic chops for Ladies Night Out. She’s a comedic presence that thrives in an environment full of realistic dry humor; especially when she describes herself as “the babysitter your wife won’t leave you alone with.”

Ali appeared as a regular on The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with Seth Meyers. The 25-year-old’s sense of self-deprecating humor relates well to her millennial audience and will leave you wanting more. Ali will perform in The Phoenix Club / March 14 / 8PM. See you there!

If you want a preview, check out some of her work, here.

Game of Drones includes: Ariana Dohr, Carley DeGrand, Azure Hall and Kayla Hallam.

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