Krash the Kress is Back Again

By Emmy Wolfe, Haily Oskey & Caelyn Jischke


After 2 years, Krash the Kress returned to the Kress Events Center on February 20th.

The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay hasn’t had a Krash the Kress since Spring 2020. With policies changing, the announcement of this year’s Krash the Kress was later than expected. Fans still showed up even though this year’s Krash the Kress looked different due to COVID-19; instead of both men’s and women’s basketball games, it was only men’s basketball, the tailgate took place in the Dick Bennett Gym instead of the East and West Gyms, there were no free shirts given out, and there was not as big of a crowd as in years past.

Screenshot provided by GB Phoenix Twitter Page

Krash the Kress acts like UWGB Homecoming. Krash the Kress started in 2018. Before 2018,  UWGB had a similar event at the Resch Center called Rock the Resch. After Rock the Resch in 2017, UWGB moved everything back on campus. Current students and alumni come together to cheer on UWGB’s basketball teams. It is a free event for students where there is usually one basketball game in the morning, then a tailgate, followed by another basketball game. With the tailgate, there is food, fun games, and entertainment, along with a free shirt. This year, there was no free shirt for Krash the Kress, as in years passed, students got a free shirt when registering. Instead, the first 500 fans got t-shirts when attending the game the day before.

When hearing about no free t-shirts on the day of Krash the Kress, many students became upset. Along with the t-shirts, students were also upset about the late notice for the event and the fact that Krash the Kress was on a Sunday, which differed from years past. Students didn’t have time to prepare for the event in advance and wished they had known sooner. “I found out about Krash the Kress a week before it happened, it felt rushed, and the event happened later than usual.” the student continued, “I’ve been to every Krash the Kress since my freshman year, and I’m so happy that I could go one last time as a senior.”

Picture taken by Emmy minutes before tip-off.

Students are happy to have Krash the Kress back from a student standpoint but also from an athlete standpoint. One veteran from the Men’s Basketball team commented, “It was cool seeing our fans and supporters come out, and after not having fans last year, it’s great seeing the stands getting full.

“Krash the Kress is a great time to show school pride.” One student commented. “Watching the game and participating in the timeout games just add to the atmosphere!”

Even though UWGB men’s team lost against Cleveland State with the final score being 67-79, the fans were able to win by seeing Green Bay Packer Head Coach Matt LeFleur. Coach LeFleur made an appearance at the event as his nephew played for Cleveland State.

Picture taken by Emmy during halftime tic tac toe game with student participants.

Krash the Kress didn’t have as many people as in years past, but for the first time having it since the beginning of COVID-19, there was a turnout. Phoenix fans never disappoint and bring energy to any event.

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