The COVID Vote

Governor Tony Evers delivered a “Safer at Home” executive order March 24 detailing non-essential businesses to close, and for people not to leave their residence unless absolutely necessary. Due to the ambiguity of the language in the Governor’s edict, questions and concerns have arisen regarding Wisconsin’s Spring Election:  Will it take place as scheduled, or postponed, or cancelled altogether?

Below is an FAQ answering all your questions.

When is the Spring Primary?
Next Week/April 7! Wisconsin’s Spring Primary election is scheduled April 7, but several other states have postponed their primary elections until May or June. Despite Evers “Safer at Home” edict, Wisconsin still plans to host its Spring Election April 7.

Will polls be open for voting?
Yes, for now, but according to Green Bay Health Officials, an in-person election forces residents to choose between their health and their right to vote. It also puts the community and poll workers at risk.

How can I vote while practicing social distancing?
Governor Evers is urging people to vote early – or to request an absentee ballot. With the Safer at Home order in place, absentee ballots seem to be the safest option – but your time is running out to request a ballot!

When do I have to register?
Online voter registration closes today for the Spring Primary. However, registration can be completed in person at your polling place on voting day with a valid ID and proof of residency. For more information or to register for future elections, visit

When do I have to request my absentee ballot?
Until 5 pm on Thursday, April 2. A record number of people are now requesting absentee ballots so get your request in now.  Request your ballot online at

How can I help?
The best way is to register to vote via absentee ballot. This helps keep contact low and people safe during the pandemic.

Additionally, if Wisconsin polling sites actually do open, consider registering to become a poll worker. There is an expected shortage of poll workers due to the virus. If comfortable doing so, less-vulnerable populations are being urged to become poll workers.

If you are interested in becoming a poll worker visit:

Written by Lindsay Fanning & Autumn Rockhill

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