Late Night Breakfast

By Jeffrey Anderson, Caitlyn Belson & Sabrina Vang


The semester is coming to an end, which means it is a time filled with extreme stress in preparation for final exams. Late Night Breakfast is an event hosted by the UWGB campus on December 14th, 8 to 9:30 P.M., to help students destress. At this event, students can enjoy breakfast at night to take a break from studying for final exams. The event is free for all UW-Green Bay students with a student ID.

Before the doors were even opened at 8 P.M., students were already in line waiting for their food. There were two rows in the middle of the Phoenix rooms that had staff serving food onto students’ plates, and another table off to the side of the room that had drinks like coffee, orange juice, energy drinks, Gatorade, and a hot cocoa bar. This year’s Late Night Breakfast menu was Denver scramble, French toast sticks, sausage tots, a honey biscuit chicken sandwich, a variety of breakfast potatoes, and fruit salad.

Graphic marketing for Late Night Breakfast event

There were pencils, colored pencils, and a piece of green paper filled with activities like coloring or a word puzzle that students could use and draw on. The environment of the event was lively and relaxed as there were staff members who came around to collect students’ plates and utensils when they were finished with their food.

The green activity sheet where students could do utilize and food that was provided.

Unique Vang, Mechanical Engineer major at UWGB, said, “It was a really good and fun event.” Vang was able to feel less stress from all the studying while eating a delicious breakfast. Vang said the food went well, along with finding a table while it was busy. One thing he could change about next year’s event would be having more of a variety of food.

Matt Suwalski, who coordinated the event, said, “This year’s turnout exceeded the expectations, and it was great to see students relaxing and enjoying their time outside of studying.” With all the good success of this event, Suwalski said they did a little bit differently this year by changing up what was to offer for meals. The late-night breakfast will be back for next semester with a familiar format of this year’s event.

To learn more about next year’s breakfast nights and more events held by UWGB Student Life, visit UWGB’s event master calendar at

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