Living Life to the Fullest


Duck Creek Quarry

If you’re looking for a way to beat the Summer heat, take a dive at the quarry in Howard. It’s free and open to the public. The quarry has small cliffs that are loads of fun to do diving tricks off of and boasts a small beach if you’re looking to work on your tan. Beware; the quarry is very deep and has no lifeguard, so swim at your own risk. This is a good attraction for strong swimmers.

Bay Beach

What’s Summer without a visit to an amusement park? Bay Beach is like a step back in time to a vintage theme park complete with cotton candy, a ferris wheel, and a gorgeous view of the bay. The place is located on Bay Beach Road and is perfect for Instagram-able moments and a fun night out with friends.


Restaurant Week

Want to try some delicious foods but don’t have the money? Restaurant Week will have you covered. During the week of July 11, restaurants of Green Bay will be participating in an annual event known as Restaurant Week. Several restaurants will be offering select foods at a reduced price that won’t break the bank. These restaurants include Republic Chophouse, Fox House Pub and Grill and many more. Mark your calendar because you only have one week to try them all.

Fire Over the Fox

Green Bay has your back when it comes to celebrating the Fourth of July. The firework show shoots off above the Fox River in Downtown Green Bay. Fire over the Fox has something for everyone: live music and entertainment, children’s rides, plenty of food and beverages, and fireworks display you don’t want to miss.


Brown County Fair

Grab your family and friends and head on over to the annual Brown County Fair just off of Ft Howard Avenue in De Pere. The fair offers a diverse experience for anyone looking for music, unique food, rides, cute animals, and much more! A new exhibit this year is The Sea Lion Splash. The sea lions will perform for the crowd by displaying their balancing, acrobatics, and dance skills. If you buy your tickets in advance, it’s only $10!

Downtown Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market on Broadway is a Summer long, FREE celebration! The event is known for beautiful flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, and for featuring state business owners.  An igNight Market is held monthly that never fails to light up the city of Green Bay.  IgNight is a traveling night market that features vendors and local artisans, nationally-known performers, hot-air balloons, and more!  If you’re short on money, the market is an inexpensive way to mingle and enjoy some good food and music with your loved ones.

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