More Out than In


Matthew Murphy in the Field

Nothing makes this country boy happier than catching a fish, shooting a deer or sniping a duck amongst the clouds. Although he’s a student at UWGB, he spends more time outdoors than in.

During duck season, Matthew Murphy wakes up at 2AM to prepare for his expedition. He packs guns, decoys, camping equipment – and all the necessities. He dresses in camouflage – from his warm hat, to thick overalls and waterproof boots. Finally, he hooks up his boat to his car and drives to his special spot and settles down. He delicately sets up his hundreds of decoys, readies his guns, and waits for the ducks to appear. When they do, he brings his scope to his eye and pulls the trigger.

Sometimes he waits for hours before he reaches his limit. Sometimes, the morning ends without success. Either way, Matthew is never discouraged. After all, nothing is better than getting up early to do what you do best.

Sports Information Director at Green Bay Phoenix Athletics Kaylie Noll is a COMM Major with emphases in Organizational Communication and Public Relations; she’s minoring in Business Administration.

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  1. theCOMMvoice says:

    Ducks on the Pond, Matthew!

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