Music Wars: Attack of the (an)Droids

The war for your ears is on. It’s being fought everyday between two music behemoths duking it out for market dominance in the new era of music streaming into your ear buds.

Specifically, these behemoths are seeking the attention of the younger generation – you know, college students and teens. From these music wars comes a simple question: Which service deserves greater recognition and money from the youngsters?

Ever since Apple and Spotify started this war for your ears, they’ve been neck and neck. Everything Spotify does, Apple Music finds a way to answer – and vice versa. This Venn diagram illustrates it well:


In terms of subscribers, Spotify is currently winning that battle. In fact,  Spotify has tens of millions more paying subscribers than Apple. Apple Music though, has a much larger music library – by ten million songs. The two services literally go back in and forth in terms of victories and the Music Wars play on.

While rare in war, a stalemate is not impossible. In this war, the fight for usage among the younger generation continues with Apple and Spotify continuously competing against one another and matching the other’s deals and features:

Want to eliminate ads when you go to download music? Both services provide that for a fee. Want to show off music to your friends on social media? Both services have a way of doing that. Neither service is probably better than the other so in the end, it’s all boils down to your personal preference.

NOTE:  DillyDilly conducted  an Instagram poll:  Out of 120 responses, 61%  preferred Apple Music.  Out of 38 votes on a Dilly Dilly Twitter Poll, 61% chose Spotify;  39% chose Apple Music.

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