Inside Scoop on the 2019 NFL Draft

The 2019 NFL Draft is happening tonight. But this year, the league is making history by hosting the draft for the first time in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 84th annual event kicks off Thursday, April 25 at 7 o’clock central time. A draft village, the NFL Draft Experience will be set up next to Nissan Stadium where the Tennessee Titans play.

A lot of attention surrounds the event especially since Tennessee has a strong fan base. Dylan Scott, a freelance reporter said, “I think the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville will be one of the most talked about professional sports events of the year.” Scott also covered sports in the state and believes this year’s draft will have a strong showing. “I fully expect a tremendous showing for the draft’s first set in the Music City,” said Scott.

Nashville is just the eighth location overall where the draft has been held. 32 NFL teams are about to embark on a new draft class. There are several different possibilities for each team when picking. Scott said, “With plenty of speculation and several teams looking to make noise, it wouldn’t shock me to see supporters of all 32 teams come out in droves for this year’s edition.” Scott also shared what the draft means to the city. “Did I mention the city is known for its live music and Southern cuisine? What else would you want as a sports fan,” said Scott.

Scott also believes the 2019 draft is significant for the team. “With two first round picks and a new coach (Matt LeFleur) and an aggressive general manager (Brian Gutekunst) and the threat of snow on the way, Packers fans would be wise to call in sick and head South,” said Scott. A new era of head coaching marks a turning point in Green Bay’s franchise. This is also Matt LeFleur’s first draft as a head coach for the Packers. LeFleur came from the Tennessee Titans as an Offensive Coordinator.

Green Bay Packers: Where do they fall in the draft?

ESPN NFL Nation Packers reporter, Rob Demovsky

The 13-time World Champions have the 12th and 30th picks in the first round. They received the 30th from the New Orleans Saints. There’s high anticipation heading into tonight’s draft. According to Rob Demovsky, ESPN NFL Nation Packers Reporter said, “The Packers haven’t picked in the top 12 in a long time so it’s critical to get an impact player with this pick. It should be easier to get one this high in the draft.”

Demovsky also shared the team should capitalize on this unique opportunity. Teams don’t get so lucky as the Packers do with their picks in the 2019 draft. “With two first round picks and three in the top 44 these opportunities don’t come along very often,” said Demovsky.

Demovsky also stressed the significance of a head coach’s impact on a team. The draft is a good way to build on the coach’s style of play. “Anytime there’s a new coach, it’s important to get players who fit what he wants to do,” said Demovsky.

LeFleur comes from an offensive background. His coaching experience includes: an offensive assistant, quarterbacks and wide receivers coach and an offensive quality control coach. Picking the right players also play a role in LeFleur’s potential success in his first season. Demovsky shared how draft picks are crucial for immediate impact. “They’re (scouts, staff) going to need to make sure they understand what LeFleur likes and wants in a player,” said Demovsky.

Green Bay: Now on the clock

There’s also the question of who Green Bay will pick in the first round with their two picks. Demovsky shared his thoughts on who the two could be. He predicts the picks will both be tackles but on opposite sides of the ball. “If they pick an OT at 12 it could be Andre Dillard. If it’s at 30, I’d say Dalton Risner. For DT’s, I’d go with Rashan Gary or Brian Burns at 12 and Jeffery Simmons at 30,” said Demovsky.

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