Need to Study? Here are the best spots at UWGB

By Kirstynne Hock, Emily Goggins, & Maddy Majewski


The best study spots, where are they? And why they are the best.

Coming onto a college campus, you need to find time to study and a spot that works best for you. You may ask where the best spots are on the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay (UWGB) campus. We surveyed multiple people to get their take on it and interviewed Allyson Haefke to find out where she thinks the best spots on campus are.

According to the Qualtrics survey asking the most popular place to study, 16 out of 23 responses said Cofrin Library. The reasons include that it is a quiet and overall good place to study with scenery and some comfortable chairs. The quiet and comfortable environment allows for ultimate study sessions for many students on campus. The study room feature is one aspect that students particularly enjoy, creating a secluded environment for quality studying.

From the Qualtrics survey, 7 out of 23 respondents asked that some unpopular places were the coffee shop, rose hall, garden cafe, and even the basketball courts by the trads.  A common theme between these places is that they offer just the right background noise for those who can’t study in extremely quiet conditions.

Junior Rayne Genz, studying in the coffee shop

Allyson Haefke is a Communication major with an emphasis in public relations, social media strategies, and sports. Studying about 15 hours per week. Haefke said, “When I am looking for a place to focus, I like to go to the sixth floor of the Cofrin Library. Haefke also said, “I like the private study rooms on the 6th floor because it is quiet and easy for me to focus”. The library allows Haefke to be very productive, but not so much in the coffee shop. Haefke enjoys the coffee shop when she has easy or minimal homework. Haefke said, “I enjoy studying in the coffee shop because I love the friendly atmosphere and always running into friends there.” Haefke recommends these two different environments when looking for a study spot.

Much like our survey, Haefke mentioned that she feels many students enjoy studying in both the library and coffee shop. The next time you are on the UWGB campus and looking for a place to study, consider the Cofrin library or the coffee shop.  They are the most popular places to hit the books.

UWGB student in Cofrin library

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