Never Before Seen Sighting

Fearsome Threesome toured the new STEM building on campus and this is what was found.

On October 10, the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math building held its Open House with dignitaries and VIPs from across the state. The first new building on
campus in almost 20 years, its debut was loudly celebrated with the launch of sustainable rockets. Although the building is on campus, it’s not technically UWGB property. The building was donated by residents, organizations and businesses of Green Bay. Five million dollars came from state funding with an additional $10 million from the County. One of the principal donors Philanthropist Dick Resch.

The STEM Building is the new home of the Richard Resch School of Engineering, The Einstein Project, and Brown County’s UW-Extension Land and Water Conservation Department. The School of Engineering hit its five year enrollment target in just two years and there is no sign of it falling off anytime soon.

Recently, the Fearsome Threesome left comfortable COMM confines to explore the new STEM building and see what all the hype is about.

We tested out some of the unique seating in the building, explored all three floors and numerous bathrooms! We found a table with built in outlets, a patio, and tested all the locked doors. You can be sure we did some of the investigative work for you.

The space is very open and covered in windows, letting in great amounts of sunlight, brightening and warming nearly every room. It’s the perfect place on campus to
discover innovation or find an inspiring place to study! Don’t forget to check out the Einstein Room, there appear to be fun contraptions to play with there!

You will probably find us back in the STEM Building this year – studying or doing some further exploring! We hope you will consider leaving your own “normal” by checking it out too.




Photos and Story by Fearsome Threesome: Mariah Lorfeld, Brooke Modjewski, Ashley Stafne

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    Sounds like a cool place.

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    Might Change My Major?

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