New Age: The Future of Sports COMM

New opportunities are bustling within the UWGB COMM Department. Last fall, the University started offering a Sports Communication e mphasis.  The department already offers emphases in Social Media Strategy, Mass Media, Public Relations, Journalism, Organizational Communication, and Health Communication.

Sports Communicationstudies the unique dynamics associated with sports media organizations, teams, and players.” It allows students to “be prepared for long-term careers working as sports reporters, broadcasters, media specialists or public relations professionals.”

The idea to bring the emphasis to UWGB didn’t come blindly. The Blair Endowed Chair of Communication Professor Phil Clampitt said, “We thought we could serve an area of emphasis that students were interested in.

COMM Chair Phil Clampitt

“A lot of our alumni have been going into sports communication, and we wanted to develop it because there are lots of opportunities out there for our students.”

COMM Professor Jeremy Adolphson said, “For a Sports Communication emphasis, students must be exposed to a wide array of courses so they can have the experience they desire.” Currently, the emphasis only has two specialized courses, as it continues to develop and more staff is added, more classes will be offered.

Regarding the future of the emphasis, Clampitt added, “We prepare people for careers, not jobs. Sports COMM is something a lot of people devote their entire lives to, and we want to be in a position to develop people for those careers.”

HOW to COMM = 1 + 6 + 10
NOTE:  COMM Majors aren’t required to do the math on this – just the work 🙂

HalfNHalf includes: Brittany Fetterly, Trevor Gossen, Joshua Konecke, Darian Kuglin and Audrey Schneider

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