New COMM Professor | Ready for Yoo?

Welcome to the newest member of UWGB/COMM: Joseph Jai Sung Yoo has joined the COMM department as assistant professor.

Yoo (you) – U of Texas-Austin – graduates with his PhD in Journalism next month. He’s quite excited for the opportunity – and his big move to Green Bay. “I want to give the best education to my students,” he said. “I don’t want to be just a mere teacher, I want to be an educator, a holistic educator, someone my students want to find for help, not only for academics, but personal help. We’ll find the best solution.”

While Professor Yoo is not a Packers fan (yet), he appreciates the culture of sports integrated into the Green Bay area. A self-proclaimed sports nut, Joe will play a big role in further developing the Sports COMM Program at UWGB. “I’m a BIG fan,” he said. “I love to conduct research and love to teach about sports. I want to connect sports and our society and let my students and colleagues know how sports and society are related.”

Yoo looks forward to working with students – and the two-way communication and learning that comes with it. “I want to teach something I have research and experience in,” he said. “Every student and every colleague has something to learn, something special that I want to emulate. I have something to give but I believe I have something to learn from my students.”

As an educator, he wants to make a difference in the lives and the education of his students. One way he hopes to do that is by integrating multimedia aspects into his courses. “All students need to work together for the multimedia courses,” he said. “Some students can take photos well, other students can edit video and audio well. Some are really good at writing. All those things can go together. We need to respect each other’s talents and find the best ways to accommodate them.”

This Fall, Yoo will teach COMM 304: Sports, Media & Society, COMM 382: PR Writing, and COMM 198.

An avid runner and biker, Joe is excited to move to Green Bay. “I really like the snow and I like Green Bay,” he said. “I want to become a Packers fan and we can be united and beat the Patriots.”

[We’ll have to beat the Vikings first, though, Yo!]

YOO HOO! Taking a Giant Lambeau Leap from Texas-to-Green Bay.

Defending Champs include: Carley ChapinSylvia ChristensenRachel KoepkeMackenzie May and Katie Pozorski.

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