NEW Phresh Phood!

UWGB is expanding its dining options by adding a healthier option for students who want to mix up their old dining routine!

Phoenix Phresh is a new dining option that just started up this semester. ‘Phresh is a healthier dining option for everyone on campus offering made-to-order smoothies, salads and wraps; vegan options available, too!

One unidentified student said, “The smoothies are amazing! I love that I can choose all my ingredients!”

The Phresh option came to campus to promote healthier eating habits. For more nutritional information check out their website; ‘Phresh hours below:

Monday-Friday: 10:30AM-to-8PM
Saturday/Sunday: 1PM-to-8PM

Written by Health COMM Cats: Marissa Lung and Vanessa Martinez

Photo Credit: PhotosByMaris
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