New to Campus or Just New to Studying?

If you’re new to campus, or new to studying, here are some studying tips – and some great places to study – that you may want to check out to make the most of your studying time. Whether on campus or off, Biology major, COMM major, or anything in between, these are The Best Places to Study.

Brown County Central Library
The Library is such a staple of Green Bay natives’ childhood that one might think it would go without saying. However, those who did not grow up in Green Bay and are unfamiliar with the downtown should definitely check it out. In addition a large selection of books, there is also archived historical documentation, a selection of DVDs for loan, and computers available for anyone with a library card. They also have WiFi open to the public and a recently opened coffee shop on the third floor. In addition to its own amenities, it’s centrally located downtown, and within walking distance to numerous bars and restaurants for students to explore when they are done studying 🙂

It opens at 9AM Monday-through-Saturday and Noon on Sunday. It closes at 8PM Monday-through-Thursday, 5PM on Friday, and 4PM on Saturday and Sunday. It also is adjacent to multiple bus lines.

Daily Buzz Espresso Bar
Located in the historic Bellin Building on the corner of Walnut Avenue and Washington Street, the Daily Buzz offers an assortment of beverages and food. It offers a student discount with a student ID and has couches in the back with an assortment of board games (even if some of them are missing pieces). It opens 6AM Monday-through-Friday, 7AM on Saturday, and 8AM on Sunday. It closes 8PM Monday-through-Friday, 7PM Saturday and 5PM on Sunday. This, too, is within walking distance of numerous bars and restaurants for students to reward themselves after a hard night of studying.  (WhooHOO!)

The Attic
Located at 730 Bodart Street, next to Whitney Park, the Attic offers fair trade coffees, loose leaf teas, organic herbs and spices, and books… LOTS of books. It opens at 7AM Monday-through-Friday and 8AM on Sundays. It closes at 8PM Monday-through-Friday and 6PM Saturdays and Sundays.

On Campus
What about you who live on campus, or spend so much time here you feel like you do!? There are many places for studying, but here are a few traditional favorites:

If you like the view of outside, the second floor of MAC hall has a section with comfy chairs that are perfect for studying, complete with a full view of the MAC Garden

The eight-story-high Cofrin Library has many floors of private study rooms, couches tucked in corner crevices and supplies to borrow such as whiteboards, TV monitors, fans for comfort, computer and printers.

The Common Grounds Coffee House is a popular place for a lot of students throughout the day. With a nice fireplace, many tables to set your stuff up, and many delicious coffee options, Common Grounds is one of the Best Places to Study.

Finally, all these places may not help if you don’t have any tips on how to actually study! Here are the Top 4 Study Tips:

Studying Instagram won’t help on your exam! So, set down the phone for a bit and take time to actually focus on your material.

Although Cardi B is your go-to artist, maybe try some Miles Davis or other calm relaxing music. You could try a Christmas album, but just be careful with that before you find yourself dancing in the library and singing into your pencil.

Drink a lot of water, eat healthy (at least healthier than chocolate and buttered noodles). There are many healthy options at the campus dining locations.

SLEEP more than 2 hours. Studying for 8 hours straight throughout the night before your exam will end with you coming to class as a Zombie, and Zombies don’t know much about Biology (well besides the brain).

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    Study HARD, Peeps!

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