NEW Way to Get Around

LIMEbikeBike sharing program Lime Bike recently launched in The City of Green Bay – and on campus.  It allows people a new way to get from one place to another.

Lime Bikes are a product of Lime, a transportation company based in California. Lime has brought their bikes to many different cities and college campuses around the country and completely changed the transportation game.

The City of Green Bay and UWGB are the newest addition to the 87 Lime Bike locations.  Contrary to popular belief, neither the city or the university paid to have this new transportation resource. There are multiple private companies that have invested into Lime, allowing them to integrate the bikes throughout the country.

Several Advantages
There are several advantages to being a Lime Biker: 1.) Bikes are conveniently placed around campus to help students eliminate the long walk to class; 2.) It’s cheap: The free Lime App charges $1.00 for 30 minutes of bike use. Students who sign up using their campus email will receive a 50% discount. (Students can also take advantage of LimePrime: 100 ride credits for just $14.95 per month.) Lime makes it easy for users to quickly log on their app and buy a ride; 3.) It allows students to get exercise and enjoy the scenic views of UWGB.

Sophomore Tyler Balk said he loves having access to Lime Bikes for either a quick workout or traveling to-and-from campuses. In his hometown riding bikes is a major means of transportation, and he now has that same option on campus.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on that bike and get to riding!

The Extra Point team roster:  Kate Kraemer, Elisa Vohen, Audrey Schneider and Jenelle Mackie.

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