New Year, New Executive Board

The outcoming and incoming executive boards meeting for a transition dinner at the Bina’s house. The group is joined by the Bina’s dog, Lucy, who is considered to be a mascot to the organization.

The academic year is coming to an end, so what does this mean for student organizations? Executive board turn over. Hear from the upcoming 2019-2020 executive board of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) about what they are looking forward to in the upcoming year.

Matthew Knoke

Future President of PRSSA, Matthew Knoke said, “One of our main objectives is to get other students involved – besides just Communication majors. Doing so, will get the students more connected to the surrounding community.” One of the main benefits of joining PRSSA is networking with professionals, which can provide students with job opportunities, and mentors.



Derek Flannery

VP of Treasury, Derek Flannery says, “I’m looking forward to creating events and opportunities for students looking to get more involved within the field of Communication”. He will be planning fundraisers and looking for opportunities to provide funding for students traveling to conferences.



Guillermo Gomez

Guillermo Gomez will be the VP of Networking and is “looking forward to experiencing all that PRSSA has to offer, as well as meeting new people and reaching out to others to inform them of our organization.” The VP of Networking typically works with membership and alumni relations.



Gabby Heier

Gabby Heier, the VP of Public Relations, is looking forward to taking over her new role and has many goals in mind. Gabby hopes to “further the development of our social media.” She also hopes to become a larger part of the organization since it can help expand her knowledge in public relations.



Melissa Hamilton

Meet Melissa Hamilton, the new VP of Publications. She plans “to add to the fun and creativity of the publication aspects of PRSSA.” She hopes to help show others how great the organization is. The VP of Publications typically take minutes and writes any content when needed, specifically for The COMM Voice.



Brittany Fetterly

Brittany Fetterly, Chapter Liaison says, “I’m excited to spend a week networking and expanding my PRSSA horizons [at the National Conference].” Brittany plans on making everyone feel included and comfortable in their new leadership positions, as well as helping out in any way. The Chapter Liaison is someone who typically graduates in December and assists the board in whatever is needed.



PRSSA is a student-run organization open to anyone who wants to learn more about public relations, marketing and networking. The mission behind the UW- Green Bay’s PRSSA is to give members real-life experiences before hitting the workforce, much like an internship. Participating in a student organization can be a great way to network, meet other students, learn from other students and build your resume.

Intervention Section is made up of:  Sara Bichler, Caitlin Egan, Jessica Reed, and Danielle Weber.

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