NO More Corona(s) for ME Pt. 3


FinallyBack home in Denmark with The New Best Friend

It’s usually quite exciting: The trip from UWGB-to-O’Hare usually means I’m going home. This time though, it was a very different trip.

Just as it was when inbound from Cancun the day before, O’Hare was a ghost town; dead!  So was the flight to Copenhagen… EVERYthing had the same feeling for me = Empty.  After 24 straight hours of catching busses, sleeping on floors and driving back-and-forth to Green Bay, there was no more energy left in my tired, beaten body; my brain switched off to flight mode all the way back to Denmark.

NO Kissing/Hugging
Leaving baggage claim is usually the greatest feeling in the world. Butterflies and adrenaline fills every cell, and the heartbeat accelerates without noticing. My loved ones are usually right outside those massive doors with an ‘Exit’ sign – just waiting to hug… but not this time.

The family greeted me in the airport to a bittersweet homecoming. As of March 2020, hugs and kisses are no longer socially acceptable – not even when you have been away from your family for a couple of months. That’s the reality these days. All I wanted to do was to hug them, but we nodded, said hello and drove home. I could not believe it. When would I ever return to Green Bay? I mean, I just had to get back for graduation, right?!

Reality Bites
Eventually, reality set in after a couple of days on the run. So, too, did the restlessness. Can I see my friends? NO. Can I go workout? NO. Can I… NO! No social gatherings, no nothing. It feels like the world is against me, even though I know everyone is suffering.

My new best friend is called MacBook and we spend the majority of our time together. She is my gateway to my degree and the rest of the civilization. Not that I’m not grateful for my Mac, but I desperately seek a new friend; a huggable, human friend.

Written by: Adam Mansa| 75.8/5.3




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