NOT Dead = Alive in Green Bay!

BIGGER than life, Ned the Dead is easily the Craziest, Funniest, Most-Recognizable TV Personality in one of the bigger Designated Market Areas (DMA) in these United States…

The Only Competition: Dead Air & Bar Time

A Rock Star of Elvisian proportion, Ned the Dead was the quirky, campy, lovable host of a macabre, late-night TV show: Chiller Theater. When the show debuted in 1983, there was no cable, no internet, and no other late-night entertainment in this DMA – except for this supposed Dead Guy on a really bad set. Nevertheless, Ned totally OWNED the airwaves after Midnight every Saturday Night. He became legend..

The only competition back then was DEAD Air and/or: “Only two more hours ’till bar time,” but Ned brought something totally new, exciting and unique to live television! In the process, he fully entertained two generations of equally crazed and ostensibly sick fans in Northeastern Wisconsin and ‘da UPee.  He’s in the Horror Host Hall of Fame for good reason.

One THOUSAND TV shows are on Ned’s reel – that’s 10,000 unscripted, impromptu, totally insane segments, bits and shticks.  (He doesn’t really have a “reel.” He’s never even looked at ONE of his 10,000 segments; doesn’t even have a copy stashed away! Recently, though, some of his old work was dug up.)

UWGB Grad Joey Bina (’17) is working on his master’s degree in COMM from Loyola University in Chicago.  As a final project for one of his classes this semester, Joey wanted to bring some life back to Ned the Dead. In the production process, he unearthed some horrific memories for current students – but mostly for their parents who partied with The Ned every Saturday Night. His video is a testament to that talent – and to the power of an idea.  ENJOY.

Disguised as Steve Brenzel – mild-mannered video editor @Northcoast Productions – Ned The Dead is alive and well in Green Bay.


4 Comments to “NOT Dead = Alive in Green Bay!”

  1. michaelbina says:

    GREAT story.

  2. Jena says:

    Steve Brenzel is also an alumnus. I am surprised there is no mention of that.

    1. thecommvoice says:

      We could have, I guess; it just wasn’t a major issue for this story. Thanks for your input though, Jena.

  3. thecommvoice says:

    REAL TV!

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