On the Road to Our Future

The car is packed, the music synced, and the students excited to visit the Windy City. Last week, the UWGB chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) traveled to Chicago for the annual District Conference. DePaul University hosted and guided Green Bay students through the busy city on a busy day of professional and social networking. Megan Roshak, PRSSA VP of Treasury, showcased the trip in this short, FUN video:

PRSSA helps make connections to post-graduation success by providing educational and SWEET travel opportunities. “My favorite part of the trip was visiting the Porter Novelli (Public Relations) agency,” said COMM Major Charlotte Berg. “They were kind, and even brought McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes for us!”

On the long ride home, VP of PRSSA Public Relations Janie Hodney summed it all up saying, “Going on this trip made me excited for my future in PR!”

Improve your PR skills; connect with professionals; get hands-on experience: PRSSA is the org for you and your future, Email soprssa@uwgb.edu

Written By: Matthew Knoke, Megan Roshak and Shelby Smith

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