One on One with Logan Bruss

By Byron Garcia, Olivia Ryan, Janie Hodny & Matt Seger


Logan Bruss. The name may not be very well known to most, but the story behind it is one that deserves praise and recognition.

For his entire football life, Logan Bruss has stepped on the field simply for the love of the game, teamwork, and camaraderie. That won’t change – but his jersey will. The Wisconsin offensive lineman and Kimberly graduate got the opportunity to hear his name called in the 2022 NFL Draft, being projected at multiple positions along the line and receiving draft grades ranging from the third through sixth rounds.

A multi-year starter for the Badgers, Bruss was named to the Outland Trophy watch list. Bruss started most of the season for Ohio Buckeyes last year and helped mentor a younger group of offensive linemen. As someone who has gone from a local phenomenon to a new celebrity, there must be a lot circling through one’s head, so we decided to sit down with Bruss personally and pick his brain about the whole experience.

Bruss reacts to being drafted to the LA Rams and details the connection [YouTube Link]

Starting off with the training and conditioning not only for the NFL Combine but for the NFL itself, we found out Bruss went all the way to California to a facility called Proactive Sports Performance. This is an industry that prepares all kinds of athletes, from going to the collegiate level to the professional level. As for the preparation itself, Bruss explained, “The experience helped me a ton as a person as a player. I was fortunate enough to work with a lot of really good athletes in the draft class. It was a lot of fun.” After his time there, he says the hardest part of his training was mentally preparing for his college pro day and combine events. He came back to Madison and performed his heart out, and scouts took notice. Once all was done, all that was left was to sit and wait for his name to be called. Bruss and his family held a special get-together with family and close friends as they all witnessed Bruss get the call from the Los Angeles Rams in the fourth round. “It was surreal,” said Bruss, “You dream your whole life about that kind of moment, and then it comes, and you still can’t believe it’s happening.”

As to what’s next for Bruss, the answer was simple: More training. Los Angeles scouts’ biggest curiosity was if Bruss could play any position on the offensive line for the team. “I stressed to teams I’ve had success at guard and tackle here (UW-Madison), but I know that coming to the NFL, I can dominate in all five positions. I think my versatility helps me and my value as a player.” Ever since the draft, Bruss has been perfecting his skills at center and footwork for both the left and right side of the offensive line. The position he will be playing in Los Angeles is still a mystery that will be solved during training camp. The best part about the whole process, other than being a drafter, was Bruss’ college pro day. The coolest thing to Bruss was, “A lot of guys went their separate ways for a few months after the season ended, so coming back to where it all started for us and being able to compete against each other like we always have done a great way to cap a relationship I’ve built with my teammates.”

Bruss receiving roses for senior day at a game vs. Nebraska [cred. BadgerBlitz]

Going from a high school hopeful to now an NFL rookie is not something many from Wisconsin can say they have done or experienced. Bruss did mention he was rooting for the Green Bay Packers to take him just so he wouldn’t have to travel as far, but all jokes aside, he can’t wait to show what he’s made of when he steps on the turf in Los Angeles.

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