1 Reason 4 U 2 Go

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It’s ALL about YOU:  Let’s say you haven’t decided on your major yet, or you’re an underclassman. Or, let’s say you’re in a totally different major, but know how tremendously valuable a COMM Minor would look on your resume:  You must go to COMM Week.

Or, let’s say you already ARE a COMM Major, or an upperclassman looking forward to graduation and the next phase of your life:  You must go to COMM Week.

A crackerjack team of COMM Majors worked long and hard to develop a relevant, all-inclusive program just for you – no matter who you are or where you are on your path.  COMM Week is a celebration of all that is COMM – and it won’t be a party without YOU!  Check it out: http://www.uwgbcommweek.com/about.html

Associate Lecturer Michael Bina is a Huge Fan of COMM Week. He is a regular contributor to: THE COMM VOICE.


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2 Comments to “1 Reason 4 U 2 Go”

  1. Maddie says:

    Wish I went to this my freshman year, would have joined the com program earlier!

  2. thecommvoice says:

    SOLD: C U There!

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