One Week Left @UWGB

The start of senior year was filled with a mix of excitement and anxiety—excitement for what the year would hold, and anxiety for the same reason. I wanted my senior year to be full of fun and end with all the rage it started with.

I began the school year seeking new internships, new opportunities and new networks. These I thought would be sure to come in handy when the end of the year rolled around.

Senior year took a turn from what anyone could’ve imagined. There are experiences that I’ll never get the chance to live due to the circumstances: Senior Spring Break, final dance competitions, academic achievement ceremonies, walking across the stage in May, and saying a goodbye to all those who’ve helped me along the way.

As senior year comes to a close, I can say it’s an experience never to be forgotten. The challenges we’ve all faced during these unprecedented times are some which we will be able to reflect on. These times have made us stronger and more adept to handling change. Whenever we face adversity in the future, we will have the strength and knowledge to get through, and for that I am grateful.


Written by Jada Davis 70 | 7.3

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