OUR Voice, NOT NBC’s

Right now, The NBC Voice is bigger – and LOUDER – than The COMM Voice.

Their Voice has Blake Shelton – and Alicia Keys – for crying out loud! They have a Killer House Band that really cranks it up – plus a Production/Public Relations budget that would make any mouse ROAR It’s now in its 14th, Emmy Award winning season.

Our ‘Voice – on the other hand – is just getting going; just starting to be heard! Unlike NBC, our only production option – right now – for cranking the volume is:  ALL CAPS + LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!  Or, by being heard through shares and likes – and maybe some of our content goes viral!!! Until The COMM Voice reaches Full Throat – like NBC’s Voice – we must do more with a smaller staff, NO budget and outsourced Grammar Police 🙂

As we find our verse and verve; as we step closer to the Microphone and gain our confidence, our ‘Voice will grow.  We’ll raise our ‘Voice; we’ll tell good stories; we’ll share them broadly.

THANK YOU for subscribing; we appreciate you lending your ‘Voice to ours with your Likes, Comments and Shares!  (And Oh Yeah:  We appreciate you lending your grammatical policing skills, too! Thank you for keeping an eye – and an ear – out for The Voice!)


TYPO? Did you spot a typo or grammatical error in this story? PLEASE report it NOW to The Grammar Police so we can fix it before a potential employer – or one of our parents – sees it and busts us! Report it: HERE! Thank you 🙂

One Comment to “OUR Voice, NOT NBC’s”

  1. thecommvoice says:

    Of ALL The Voices in my head, The COMM Voice stands out 🙂

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