Out with the Old in with the NEW!

Loving your workspace has a lot to do with how productive you are! Having an emotional connection to your work will increase determination, productivity and dedication to the task at hand. In turn, making you more excited to get things done. When working from your home (wherever that is now), you already have some sort of emotional connection, be that positive or negative. Here are some ways to help boost your positive emotional connection to your workspace:

  1. Repaint a piece of furniture like a desk or cabinet: Make an ‘old’ piece of furniture ‘new’ again
  2. Add a personal touch to your desk like a photo from a trip or a favorite book
  3. Go through all your files and reorganize them
  4. Move things around, moving around furniture in new and creative layouts will stimulate your mind and help you become more focused

For more benefits of organization see article linked here.

It’s been proven that an organized and personalized workspace makes a person 48 percent happier when accomplishing work. Loving your workspace also makes someone 47% more productive.

According to Jamie Fertsch who specializes in workspace productivity; article linked here. Personalizing your space can increase your emotional connection to your work. Design also impacts people’s ability to focus for long stretches of time. Revamping your current furniture and workspace will rejuvenate your space and make you see it in a new light. A study also showed that personalizing your space helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

According to  Kenny Trinh, managing editor at NetBookNews:

“If the workplace is uncomfortable or full of distractions, it can make for an unhappy workplace. And when something makes you unhappy, you are simply not as productive or engaged as you could be.” Article linked here.

This is especially true now, with a lot of people now working from home it is super important to have a workspace set aside that will allow you to hone in on the job at hand and be productive.

Here are some benefits of reorganizing your space:

  • Helps to clear the mind
  • Reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Ability to achieve more in less time
  • To gain a sense of control
  • Gaining energy and calm from your new space
  • Reduces your stress level

Transforming your home space, along with surrounding yourself with natural light will help boost your productivity. For example, set up your workstation up near a window. A study showed that having a window near your work area obtained 173% more white light exposure helps you get a better night’s rest; making you more productive and willing to work longer.

Natural light results in less absenteeism, reduced stress, fewer illnesses and increased employee productivity and alertness. This is according to an article written by urdesign magazine on How Does Office Design Affect Employees.

Everyday, people are finding new ways to be productive and work from home in these uncertain times. Organizing your workspace is just one way to be creative and help boost your productivity from home.

By Ari Dohr

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