Pandemic? Stay Positive.

Never in history has the world faced the events happening right now.

Chloe’s latest drawing in quarantine

Returning not to finish out your semester, but to move out of your apartment? Moving out in the brisk air of March, not the warm weather of May? Campus doors marked DO NOT ENTER? That’s the situation right now.

For UWGB Seniors, this is how they had to say goodbye. It’s bleak – and there’s no pretending: COVID-19 has brought quite the storm, but there’s always a silver lining, though, isn’t there? How are UWGB students finding the positives in these uncertain times?

Comm Senior Travis Boulanger said it’s become clear that everybody’s role is important. “Everybody’s job is important,” he said. “People [aren’t] thinking they are better than the person at the gas station or factory.”

Chloe hiking with her mom

FULL Of Blessings
Other students are enjoying quality time with their loved ones, something that gets harder to make time for as the demands of college pile up. “I know in the future we won’t all be able to see each other as much,” said Chloe Bigalke, a junior Psychology & Human Development student. “We’ve been taking so many walks together, and I love seeing how many other people are going on walks with their families or sitting outside together.” Junior Lorrigan Puls, a Comm student, agrees: “There’s more to life than TV and Instagram. There’s family, beautiful nature, and fresh air,” she said. “Life is full of blessings we take for granted.”

Junior Social Work student Mikayla Berg has reignited her passion for art while at home. “It’s been so long since I have felt so relaxed. For the first time in years, I have the free time to do art. This extra relaxation time has done wonders for my mental health.”

McKenzie’s chalk art in her driveway

Take a Breather
Of course, a global pandemic is going to negatively impact people’s lives in some way; humans are not used to sitting in their houses for weeks at a time. With summer usually comes festivals, fairs, parades, dinner and drinks on the patios of our favorite restaurants. While people are staying at home instead, they can look at it as a way to take a break from their fast-paced routines. Comm and Spanish major McKenzie Rasmussen, a junior, sums it up: “It’s always good to take a step back, take a breather, and really evaluate things in your life!”

Me hanging out with my cat, Luna

Play On…
No matter how you spend your time at home, take care of yourself. Try to retain some sort of routine, stay hydrated, and take some time away from the constant news about the virus. What is something you have been wanting to do but haven’t? Tackle it = that book you’ve been meaning to finish; a classic movie you’ve never seen; an instrument sitting in the corner you’ve been meaning to play.

The whole world is living through a major historical event – but it’s alright to take a break from thinking about how massive all of this is. Whether that’s accomplishing a whole bucket list or simply making sure you finish the semester strong, that’s okay – but try to look for the positives wherever you go!

Story authored by: Grace Merkt 68.6 | 7.8

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