Pet Sanctuary Expands to Bigger and Better in Green Bay

By Olivia Ryan, Matt Seger, Byron OrtizGarcia & Janie Hodny


Downtown Green Bay is known for its cuisine, local shops, and exciting downtown shops. However, a certain organization has captured the hearts of everyone around Green Bay and the surrounding areas. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary displays compassion and love for animals in need. This nonprofit organization is a no-kill, free-range rehabilitation center for animals in need. For years, they have only housed cats but recently have had some exciting expansions for their organization.

Safe Haven rescues 883 pets per year. They work with cats who have cases of abuse, neglect, FIV+, blindness, missing limbs, and other physical and psychological disabilities upon review of medical documentation.

Terry, a frequent volunteer, and a cat’s best friend.

Founder Elizabeth Feldhausen has always told people it is a “Pet Sanctuary” not just for cats but for all animals that need help. In December of 2021, Feldhausen jumped at the chance to expand the sanctuary when the building right next to them went up for sale. Upon buying the space, they have the first-ever dogs to be in their care.

With the expansion, they hired a brand-new onsite veterinarian, Doctor Basten. Doctor Basten had come up from Texas and brought along with her some dogs and cats in need. The Safe Haven team will take trips to Texas to save these animals from the kill shelters they live in. Around 2,200 dogs and cats are euthanized each day at kill shelters. Feldhausen and her team are working hard to change that.

Reba, the 2nd dog to be at Safe Haven.

“The original plan was always for dogs to come here in addition to cats,” dedicated volunteer Joe explained. Through their fostering programs, animal care, and spreading awareness, they are impacting hundreds of animals in positive ways. As the Pet Sanctuary grows, so does the community that supports them. To keep up to date with their latest events and find ways you can give your support, visit their site here!

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