Phlash to the Phuture

As the school year gets underway, high school students across the nation start searching for that “perfect fit.” Not to be confused with that perfectly-fitting homecoming dress, these students are looking for the university that perfectly fits them – and their career goals.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay helps prospective students and families with their college search by hosting Campus Preview Days. 

Campus Preview Days, held on three Fridays of the fall semester, give prospective students a chance to see the school, go on tour and ask questions. Attendees also get the chance to meet with other guests, often times engaging in conversations and building a foundation for possible friendships down the road. 

Kristina Berg, the UW-Green Bay Campus Visit Experience Coordinator, said campus preview days play an important role for both the university and potential students. “Historically, we like to give them an overall experience or snapshot of what it’s like to be a UW-Green Bay student,” she said. “The advantage of coming to a Campus Preview Day – rather than a daily visit – is that they’re going to meet with faculty members from the area that they’re interested in studying.” 

Each Campus Preview Day draws an average of 125 students and their families. The afternoon event lasts around four hours. Admission advisors discuss important topics for potential students, including financial aid, on-campus housing, dining plans and campus safety. Next, students split into groups based on their area of interest for majors. A student ambassador is also assigned to each group and gives a tour of campus. Finally, a resource fair is available for learning more about what the university offers. 

“We’re constantly evolving, constantly changing the Preview Days,” Kristina said. “We’re constantly thinking about all of our events and how to improve them.” 

The first Campus Preview Day of the 2018-19 academic year was October 12. To learn more, check out the infographic and share this story with someone you know who wants to preview UWGB. 

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