Present your Passion!


Passion for fashion, photography, collecting or singing? Whatever you hold important, you have a chance to show it off. The best part is: You don’t even have to be good at what you do.

The Mauthe Center is hosting its Passion Show November 13. The audience will vote for winners based on who is the most passionate! Do what you love, show off what you care about, and maybe you can walk away with a prize.

Anyone is welcome to perform or, watch others. The show runs 7:30-to-9PM on Wednesday November 13.  Sign up by emailing Amber Perez ( and letting her know what passion you’d like to show off, and if you need help with any setups. You can sign up ANYTIME before the show, even if it’s the day of the show! This is a free event, and snacks will be provided so you’re not going to want to miss out.

To sign up, or if you have any questions, email Amber Perez,, with the passion you’d like to perform.

Jack of All Trades include: Quinn Duffy, Julia Kostopoulos, and Katherine Nagler

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Passionate Story!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a fun event!

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