Prisoner of Corona Day 11



Dear Diary,

More and more businesses and companies are closing – or telling employees to work from home to stop the spread. Unfortunately, I work at a hospital; working from home is not an option.

I’m an essential worker; my coworkers and I have to get our temperatures taken every morning to ensure that we are clear to work. Taking temperatures also applies to anyone coming into the hospital! ANYone has a fever is sent home immediately.

All non-essential patient appointments have been cancelled – which brings my anxiety down a little bit knowing that I’m not in the same area as people who could be infected. This is, at least, what I thought… The other day while waiting in the lobby to get my temperature taken, there was a patient standing around with a mask on. Before all of this I would not have been concerned, but immediately thoughts went into my head thinking: This person has the virus; We’re all gonna die!

I could not have gotten my temperature taken fast enough so I could get out of the lobby and away from Patient Zero. (The Coronavirus is also limiting visitors at the hospital to one person per patient – per selected visiting hours so, PLEASE be advised!)

I’ll write more later,
“Air”  XOXO! 

Written by The Health COMM Cats: Marissa Lung and Vanessa Martinez

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