Prisoner of Corona Day 2


SiCK typo, too

Dear Diary:

I knew Corona could be bad, but not this bad. Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I see the world in panic mode: NO toilet paper; NO hand sanitizer; NO gloves! Then, I get this email telling me that campus is shutting down including trips, concerts and all sporting events! 

The news was heartbreaking for ALL of us on campus. After planning for weeks to go home to Ohio over Spring Break, I can’t even cross the border into Illinois! UWGB’s email clearly stated: If you travel to one of the domestic locations listed, you must quarantine yourself for 14 days when you get back to campus. Seriously, man? 

I knew other UW schools were considering going online for the rest of the year, but I never thought UWGB would be doing it for a week, and then reevaluating. To top it all off, my Boss at the Hospital sent an email to all workers telling us not travel to any Level 3 Countries – without HR approval. (Not like I was planning to go to Japan anyways, lol.)

I’m a Prisoner of Corona
I sit here and stare at our deserted campus wondering: How much longer does this go on? 
I’ll write again soon

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4 Comments to “Prisoner of Corona Day 2”

  1. michaelbina says:

    OK! 🙂

  2. Keeping the facts says:

    The domestic travel requirements from the University have been clarified. Check your email and the website. And campus is not shutting down. Services are still being offered. Just saying.

  3. Jena says:

    Weird. My comment from last week never showed up. This article is false. Do you plan to update it? Seems like the journalistic thing to do…

    1. thecommvoice says:

      It’s all happening WAY to quickly. IMPOSSIBLE to stay current.

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