Quarantined Critters


Good Beasley

This quarantine has been a stressful time, especially for many college students. Many have turned to Man’s Best Friend as a source of comfort– and a way to stay active.

Here are a few outstanding pets that have made a different in the lives of some UWGB students:

Beasley is a four-year-old Cairn Terrier who rules the household. Beasley is “owned” by COMM Major Shelby Smith, and enjoys long walks at the park, chasing squirrels, and protecting the house from the UPS man.


‘Walkin the Dog

“She has helped me get out of the house and get some fresh air;  I really couldn’t have asked for a better companion during these stressful times, she is a great listener and doesn’t talk back much.”

Dexter and Lizzie
are two purrfect kitties who help Lindsay Fanning, a Communication student at UWGB relax. “Lizzie makes my quarantine better because she is always making me laugh by doing the weirdest things,” said Lindsay. Dexter loves to take naps; you can find this sleepy cat at @grumpy.dexter on Instagram.


Lenny Benny

Lenny is a good kitty, who loves his daily cat naps and keeping to himself. Lenny’s owner, Ashley Perket says, “Just seeing him makes me smile and puts me in a better mood. When I need a break from everything going on in the world, I like to find Lenny’s favorite toys and play with him for a little while to help clear my mind and get some snuggles.”


Copper Dog | Copper Culture 5556BC

Lucy is a loveable Golden Retriever who keeps Professors Michael and Danielle Bina on their toes. During quarantine, Lucy is getting “More walks, more treats and more love than she remembers.” Lucy loves having her professor parents quarantined and is learning a lot in her COVID, Continuing Education Canine Classes.

By Shelby Smith:  73.0 | 7.7

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