Quarantine Review (White Claw Edition)

Another day of Quarantine – but no Corona’s here:  just White Claw and me. A Variety Pack caught my eye during a weekly, essential supply run to the liquor store, which only meant one thing: White Claw Review Time/Pandemic Version.

We’re ALL looking forward to rejoining all our family and friends – without Masks or ANY distancing at all – for The White Claw Summer 2020.  Let’s get this party started: 

MY Mango: 6.2
This flavor will have you having all the people at the party flocking to you because it’s the fan favorite. To me it’s not my favorite. I rate this flavor a 6.2. The taste of the mango comes off just a little strong for me and I feel there is a lot of room for improvement. If you do not like Mango buying the variety pack 1 will be safe.

Tasty Tangerine: 8.2
By far the best tasting White Claw made. I rate this an 8.2 on the tasting scale. It has the perfect amount a fruit and alcohol taste. This will make you the coolest person at the party, and keep you hydrated throughout your summer benders.

Luscious Lemon: 6.1
Lemon flavor is like a basic Bacardi Limon flavor. It will remind you of a vodka water with a twist of lemon. It is a very close comparison to the lime flavor from the first generation of White Claw. Grab this one at the end of your night when you had a few and the taste goes down easier. I rate this one a 6.1, the lowest of my ratings.

Wild Watermelon: 7.5
I was most excited about this flavor. I was hoping it would remind me of my days of eating watermelon flavor suckers. Sadly, it didn’t live up to the hype as much as I thought it would but it still is one I would grab out of the box first. Watermelon will be an acquired taste for most, but I give this flavor a 7.5 coming in second to Tangerine.

If you are a White Claw enthusiast like me, I would love to hear the ratings you all have come up with. If you have never tried it and need a refreshing summer drink and be the coolest person at the party, then give it a shot. Drink on!  I hope to be a LOT closer than six feet away from all y’all real SOON = cracking a cold one on the beach or your favorite hangout 🙂

By KonMan920 78.8 | 5.8

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