Quirky Things that Please the Soul


 Pumping Gas; Hitting an Even Number

A short list of a few things that please some people to no end!  What Quirky Things trip your trigger?  Comment below…

That first scoop of Peanut Butter

When a song ends as you pull into the driveway

Taking off heels after a long day

Listening to a VHS tape rewind

The rainbow soap in a car wash

Crunchy leaves

Christmas tree smell

A chip with extra seasoning

The swish of a basketball

The sound of writing with a pencil

The sound of dirt being picked up by the vacuum

Cutting soap

Spreading colorful paint

Shredding paper

New Book Smell

Perfectly cut grass lines…

grass lines.png


What do YOU find oddly satisfying? COMMENT in the Comment Section below.

Written by The Go Getters: Jenelle Mackie, Emily Gerlikovski, Ashley Stafne, Ekaterina Lindeman

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    JUST cut my lawn! Ahhhhhh…

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