Remaining Mindful of Your Mental Health

During abnormal times, what you’re feeling is normal. According to the World Health Organization, one-in-four people suffer from mental disorders. Stressful events, such as a global pandemic, are proven to exacerbate mental health issues. However, professionals at Mayo Clinic recommend these practices:

Get Ready for the Day 
As tempting as it is to hang out in your PJ’s all day, getting up and getting dressed can create a sense of normalcy. It can also be a good step towards practicing self-care, which can be a helpful tool in managing your mental health.

Create a Routine 
Consistency is key. Regular times for sleep, meals, work, school, and physical activity will help you feel in control. In addition to the essentials, it is a good idea to set aside time for activities you enjoy. Your routine should keep you occupied but not overwhelming. Create reasonable goals for yourself.

Talk to Others
While in self-isolation,  you do not need to be in social isolation. Make time each day to FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom with family and friends. Even emails and texts can help you feel connected with others. If you are able, help someone in your network by asking if they need assistance with picking up groceries or prescriptions. Be sure to follow CDC guidelines.

Practicing mindfulness can be a helpful way to ground yourself and deter negative thoughts. It helps to center your thoughts on the present moment, without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Try practicing mindfulness by doing an art project, writing, baking, or even meditating. Do something that you enjoy, that engages your mind, and shifts your focus to what you are doing in the moment.

Where to seek help 
If you don’t feel like yourself, and are struggling to create a sense of normalcy, it is okay to seek help. Contact your doctor or UWGB’s Counseling & Health Services by calling 920-465-2380 or emailing If you are having thoughts of suicide or do not feel safe, call (920) 436-8888.

Written by FOPP Lindsay Fanning, & Autumn Rockhill 61.7 | 7.9

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