Rev Up the STEAM Engine

Dr. Sawa Senzaki, a Psychology Professor at UW-Green Bay is a featured speaker at tomorrow’s STEAM Engine event.

Senzaki, who researches the impact of culture and human development in psychology, will be discussing Dairy Farming in terms of its “history and how that impacted humans and genes.” Senzaki works in the field of psychology and examines the impact of culture and human development.

Dr. Sawa Senzaki, Associate Professor of Psychology at UW- Green Bay and upcoming speaker at STEAM Engine XI

STEAM Engine XI takes place tomorrow, March 11, from 6-9 PM at the Neville Public Museum.  In conjunction with Women’s History Month, the event tomorrow features a group of all-female presenters: Kelli Strickland, Executive and Artistic Director of the Weidner Center, will speak on “Building Creative Communities.” Pegasis, a local, female band, will present “Covers Used to be Originals” and Dr. Sawa Senzaki will discuss “Psychology Lessons from Dairy Farming and Human Development.”

STEAM Engine, sponsored by UWGB, often features respected professors as well as other community members. Senzaki’s colleague, Dr. Ryan Martin, presented at STEAM Engine X back in November with his presentation: “But First You’ve Got To Get Mad!”

This series is a great opportunity to “bridge communities and connect generations,” said Beth Lemke, Executive Director of the NPM. Beth is quite proud of the collaboration between NPM and STEAM Engine because it brings together a wide range of talents, interests, and community stakeholders who are dedicated to STEAM education.

STEAM Engine is a series featuring speakers who interact with science, technology, engineering, art, and math through projects, business and new research. The goal of each event is to give the Green Bay community the opportunity to learn and promote discussion.

To stay updated on future STEAM Engine events, visit their website

Written by FOPP Jada Davis, Lindsay Fanning, & Autumn Rockhill

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