Rockstars, Coffee and Monsters OH MY

College students notoriously run on coffee, energy drinks, and not enough sleep. Most students are addicted to caffeine to some degree… but who cares? It’s how they get by.

Noah Nie, a Barista at Common Grounds says that one of the most popular drinks on campus is the “Campus Chiller.” It’s an Oreo-flavored drink that really packs a punch! Having worked in the coffee house for about a year Noah said, “finals week is one of our busiest times – but weekdays at Common Grounds can get pretty crazy, too.”

With the pressures of homework, group meetings, and upcoming tests, it’s only natural that students try to get as much caffeine as they can to balance out some serious sleep deprivation. Some parents and science says that an excessive amount of caffeine (more than 400 mg, or just 4 cups of coffee) is bad, but an over indulgence of just about everything can be bad, too. However, when pressed for time before an exam or a big presentation, exhausted college students will likely load up on caffeine. How else are college students able to pull an all-nighter? Whether it is drinking many cups of coffee, or pounding an energy drink or two, caffeine generally gets the job done.

Erika Hesselink, a Senior in the Communication department tells how she gets by during her busy week: “Caffeine has helped me be more successful in school because when I’m up all night studying, it gives me the energy I need to better focus.”

Whether caffeine is there to help you during finals week, like for Erika, or if it’s just a pick me up after a long night of extracurriculars, students know how to cope with their sleep deprived state by drinking that elixir of life. Who knows? Maybe in a few years there will be a new alternative to caffeine and it’ll just be a pill to take for the whole week! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Comment below on your favorite pick me up drink, and we’ll do a drawing to see who gets a free drink from the Common Grounds!

Half a Dilly includes: Darya Eggers, Erika Hesselink, Rosie O’Shea, Maggie Pietrowski, and Haley Rettinger

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